Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi All

Country & Westerinen support group can be found in Facebook as well.
Tukiryhmä Facebookissa 080808 alkaen.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

't was GRRREEAT!

Thanks for everybody who came to see our gigs on the 21st & 22nd. Absolutely the best ones so far. I know that there is some footage from Mendocino on the 21st, as soon as tracked down, it will be appearing here as well.

From here on we will be catching our breath a bit, and trying to finish some of the recordings. Looking forward to play live again somewhere during Autumn 08.

Keep well!


Friday, February 29, 2008

RAKKAUDEN RODEO - new dates!

Hello Ystävät!

Rakkauden rodeo -kiertue porhaltaa ripeään tahtiin eteenpäin.
Pitkänäperjantaina 21.3. Bar Mendocino, Helsinki
Huom! Aikainen keikka: soittoa varmaan jo about klo 19 eteenpäin

Pääsiäislauantaina 22.3 Pub Grönan, Hanko

Huisia, eikö totta?!
Dear Friends,

Please find the confirmed dates of Rodeo Of Love -tour above.

Keep Jiihaa-ing, Folks!

Friday, October 12, 2007

News bulletin - Uutistuokio

The first international date on Rodeo of Love -tour is postponed. We were supposed to blitz Tallinn in the end of Oct, but injuries & such took care that we cannot get ready in time. Tallinn, you´ll have to wait. Apologies.

Meanwhile we´re finally trying to get the demo done. Some "making of demo" -evidence will appear on this site, that is a promise.

Most importantly, the autumn collection of Country & Westerinen t-shirts is available now. If you do not already know how to contact us, leave a note w. your e-mail address or equivalent on the comment-section below. Price is 15€ a piece VAT included,

Rakkauden Rodeo -kiertueen ensimmäinen kansainvälinen päivämäärä siirtyy edemmäksi tulevaisuuteen. Lokakuun lopussa oli tarkoitus räimehtiä Tallinnassa, vaan soittajan särkyminen tuli väliin.

Tehdään sitten demoa. Jotain evidenssiä tänne tulossa homman etenemisestä. Jos sanamme syömme, periköön meidät preeriahukka. Savoksi kojjootti.

Ja totta mouses. Syysmalliston T-paidat ovat saatavilla 15 euron huvittavaan hintaan. Jollet tiedä, miten meihin saa yhteyden, jätä jokin yhteydenottovihje tuonne kommenttisektioon.

Friday, September 14, 2007


For once I make it short and let the pictures by Tommi Posa speak. Story is, AaHiiJ gone nuts. Went to guitar making course. Made a beautiful guitar. Bought machines, set up a workshop. Makes more guitars and such. Father-in-law has to keep his car somewhere else. All-U Allman can possibly tell U about his impressions on the guitar.

Lyhyestä kitara kaunis. Tommi Posa otti kuvat. AaHiiJ teki kitaran. Lisää tulossa, omasta tuliterästä verstaasta. Appiukko keksinee uuden tallin autolleen. All-U Allman voi kertoa kitarasta lisää, hän kun sitä soittanut on...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Strange accident. We got hold of couple of pictures stolen from the product development
laboratories of Country & Westerinen Intergalactic Concessions Management Inc at Cayman Islands.
These are prototypes of products available in the near future. The shirt colors are not decided yet, so if you have an opinion, shoot. Products of this nature ought to be available at the next show, at estimated price of 20,75 USD

From top to bottom:
Ladies Brick Red C&W DeLuxe Yuh-huw! Tee
Gents Olive Green C&W Tee
Gents Graphite Grey C&W Tee

Kummallisen tapahtumaketjun kautta käsiimme osui kolme valokuvaa esineistä, joiden uskomme kuuluvan tulevaan Country & Westerinen kuluttajatuoteperheeseen. Kuvat ovat todenäköisesti livahtaneet tähän Helsingin ja Tervakoskella sijaitsevan Country & Westerinen Tuåtekehittely- & jalåstusyksikön välisen tietoliikenteen vuotona. Paitojen värit eivät ehkä ole täysin lopulliset. Jos sinulla mielipiteitä aiheesta, kerro ne tässä.. Paitoja lienee saatavilla orkesterin seuraavan esiintymisen yhteydessä, arviolta 15 EUROn soveliaaseen hintaan.

Mallit ylhäältä alas:
Daamien Tiilenpunainen C&W EriHyvä Juh-huu! -paita
Herrain Oliivinvihreä C&W -paita
Herrain Grafiitinharmaa C&W -paita

Nous Amis. Ici vous trouvez les plans secraites de bonbon T-Shirt Country & Westerinenois. Pour 15 EURO - C´est Trés OUI!
Unsere Freunde, hier gibt es die heimliche Plane für die fantastische Country & Weschterinen T-Shirts. Es kostet nür 15 EUROs - niemlich ziemlich JA! Ja?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

who said...

... you won´t find beautiful women on a country gig in Finland? Who ever it was, hereby proven wrong. Some of the finally recovered shots from the gig at Bar Olotila in May here. Copyright by Anni H. Thanks.

Ha! Evidence of All-U smiling! The band was finally doing something right - or his mind just wandered off...

As U can see behind T-Rox here, Country & Westerinen is also putting big time effort on visualising the show (thanks VJ Yohoney). Screen is also used for the audience to see better. Not because we would be too far, but the opposite. So the actual screen image of the band is smaller than the live performance. Clever, huh!? (pat.pend) Our batterista superior H. Nash also caught on the film for the first time there on the bottom right corner.

By the time we got ourselves organised for the after show picture, H. Nash was already playing another gig somewhere else. Actually what happened was that we played the second set without him. The next band he had to play with on the other side of town - the better paying one - had to start their gig earlier than informed. Terrible stress this music business can cause to people...

And naturally there was the issue of tearing the set down and going on the road again. Our four wheeler truck was driven back to headquarters by Pakula the Manager, who by the way managed to collect a reasonable donation from the audience to support our future manoeuvres. Something like 70 euros it was. Thank U all.
Country & Westerinen invests the sum on the best interest of mankind. Thank U Kaitsu from Bar Olotila for nice treatment and the lovely refreshments.

Monday, August 27, 2007

More bloggers - going multilingual?

Why it was in the first place I started to write this blog in English? Dunno. At that moment it just became as naturally as the country music thing out of me. It was not, and it still is not that simple, trying to digest a whole culture and perform its treasures with a reasonable amount of credibility. Some might call the outcome blasphemy. Just might.

To bring more perspective to this exploration I have invited the rest of the band to share their views here. This may take place in Finnish, Swedish (Ruff-Es mother tongue) or who knows on which language.

Let´s see what happens.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Best Finnish music ever?

Tuesday night gig came & went. Fun it was, as usual. Janne F who booked us for the gig (and about 20 other artists to a variety of bars and clubs that festival night) was there to listen to the first set. He happened to overhear a blond, seemingly enthusiastic lady complimenting our output as "the best Finnish music she has ever heard".
Eh... We are grateful and humble to recieve this sort of appreciation, but if anybody knows the lady, would you kindly hint her, that Country and Westerinen plays a music style which is as American as it can get.

Couple of pics taken by Er-No here. Not too good quality (cell phone cam) but catching the moment all right.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Hello friends,

Just a reminder of the gig. Tuesday night will also be the world premiere for BoondockStrat - wonderful guitar made by AaHiiJ. Pictures of which will follow somewhere in the future. The gig starts at 9.30 p.m.